Saturday, March 1, 2008

Display Direct

Hi friends we all have gone to various exhibitions and also various other international conferences and seminars too.The exhibition displays usually put up banners and also other placards are place near the exhibition.This website specalizes in putting up banners for exhibition and also various other events.They have high quality banner manufacturers with plenty of experience associated with them.

They offer roll up banners for various events and exhibitions and it does not matter whether you are a top quality international company or a regional company.Quality and customer satisfaction are the two main motives of this company and they are achieving just that.In order to put up banner bugs for your exhibition just visit this website.

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Allan Gaddi said...

Dear Webmaster,

Our agency undertakes marketing activities for Displays Direct ( During our analysis we have found that you currently have link(s) on your website to the Displays Direct website which we believe are now in violation of Google's policies and we therefore kindly ask you to remove them.

The links can be found at the following URLs:


If you have any specific link-removal policies in place for your website, please reply with these, otherwise, please advise us when these links have been removed from your site.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Allan Gaddi