Monday, March 10, 2008

Heyward Wikipedia

Well guys I just went through a website and it was very interesting to read that page actually.I am going to explain something about it.This one is concerned about William Heyward and he was born in 1950 at Atlanta.He is actually the founder of Clinical Research Organisation (CRO).He has also formed the Quattro clinical research and he has also consulted many companies that is pharmaceutical companies on the spread of the infectious diseases like HIV AIDS and also various vaccines.They are also experts in dealing with the spread of many diseases like cancer and other diseases in women.Following an internship with CDC and also he worked as a public health officer in the United States.In collobration with the Indian Health service he has also conducted and participated in many epidermiologic studies to define the risk factors for infection with hepatitis B virus and its sequelae including primary liver cancer.This project showed the vaccine to be safe.As a result a universal immunization campaign was undertaken by the Indian Health Service to vaccinate all the Alaskan citizens and also to say it short
William Heyward has been an expert in the field of the various research programes and also many such ventures for disease prevention.One can take a cue from what he has done for the society and follow his examples to educate everybody and raise an awareness about disease prevention and treatment.

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