Saturday, March 15, 2008

Midwest Auto Recycling

The website I got most excited on going through it was the one about the midwest auto recycling.Since we had a problem with our car, I searched online for some car parts at the cheaper price, but still has the quality i am looking for. One of the best I saw recently was the Midwest Auto Recycling. They have a very nice term when it comes to warranty and that is a big factor for a buyer like me. Though their items are second hand already, they assure its performance, because all transmissions are test driven and manually inspected for possible defects. It is even checked for oil pressure and cleaned thoroughly before shipping to it's customers. I would really recommend this to my friends here because just like me they want true value with their money.If you want a specialist in used engines and transmissions, with one of the strongest warranty nation wide, I recommend Midwest Auto Recycling.Just visit the website.


Rich said...

Just found an old Receipt and didn't know of your web-site back in 2005. Purchased a motor from Midwest auto recycling in February of 2005, my Mechanic received the motor (after 3 weeks in transit?) they compared the salvaged motor with the motor in the car (blown) and said that it was for a completely different model car (although the same manufacturer). After finding out about this dilemma I called Shaun at Mid-City and he indicated that there were absolutely no returns! Well I was not looking for a return but an exchange, his answer was the same no return, no exceptions. Now I'm no idiot, I worked as a mechanic from age 18 through 28 and know how to read an engine number off a block. So Yep I was out $1,450.00
Thanks for listening,

Crimson&Howitzer said...

I purchased a Transmission from Midwest Auto Recycling in February. They said it had 41k miles and was from a 2001 8.1L. They sent an Auto transmission when I ordered a Manual. Then they acted put out getting me the correct one. when It showed up it was missing the shift tower. A needed part of the trans. I called and they said too bad. when I scraped the spray paint off I found it was marked as 2002 6.6L and it had about 100k worth of grease so they lied about that too. They cost me an extra $600 and who knows how long this trans will last.

odr103 said...

Midwest Auto Recycling in Cudahy, Wisconsin, is a shame to America's enterprise! They are very deceptive, on a prawl to entrap the honest, hard working people.
The entire organization is corrupt.
Check BBB in Wisconsin before you make an attempt to call them! You'll be glad you did!!
Owner: Edward Talliansky.
Shawn, Dale, Al are some of the handlers...