Friday, April 11, 2008

Great time for the Foodies

Well friends, we all like to eat food and I am going to blog about it now.I don’t think that I’m a chef but I definitely know when there is good food someplace. I have tried eating various cuisines made from exotic recipes and I would definitely love to share good food with anyone.You can register for a free account and start submitting your recipe on the site.Discuss recipe ideas with like minded peopleGet free nutritional analysis.You can also find specific niche food for crockpot recipes, diabetic recipes, food for holidays and many more. One of my personal favorite is seafood! I love seafood very much and you can find so many recipes for seafood such as baked cod, baked lobster, coconut friend shrimp, crab cakes and many more.What I like about is that their site has a very pleasant and straight forward design where you can just simply pick a recipe off their front page – just like picking something from a menu.Just visit this website for more idea and if you have any doubts just clarify it here.

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