Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weight loss and Diet Supplements

Well friends, I just managed to read a website today and it was the one which was concerned about the B12 injection for weight loss. Well managing the weight has become a difficult proposition for many people in today's world and one has to take some supplements for weight loss and tone up your body. This website offers weight loss products through a physician only. When you are actually ordering from this website you are actually ordering from your doctor's office. They have all the supplements and advices to offer when it comes to weight loss. Your prescription medication is directly sent to your home from an US based pharmacy. Just visit this website now and get an idea about it.
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JD said...

Can you get the medical advice you need to take this stuff there? It seems like would have some services like that...or a forum.

Any ideas?

Chell said...

I LOVE the B6, B12 with Lipotropics that carries! My hubby uses their B12 since he does very heavy basketball reffing (gotta keep up with the young boys!). It's definitely working for the both of us... great place!
BTW... as for the question about them having a forum... Yes! That was what got me totally hooked, and the support there is incredible!