Tuesday, February 26, 2008


There has been a lot of contrevorsy going on between the Indian and Australian camp on the spat between Symonds and Ishant Sharma.Nobody knows what was exchanged between the two players and now Symonds has come forward with what he told Ishant.He said that he actually complemented Ishant for foxing him with a beauty on the penultimate over of the first innings.Symonds one of the richest players in IPL has been caught by contrevorsies for his onfield behaviour.Symonds said that he was shocked by Ishant's reaction to his complement and he did not expect it from the young paceman.

TV cameras clearly showed the burly Australian all rounder provoking the 19-year-old pace sensation into letting off steam.

Symonds also found support from former Australian wicketkeeper Ian Healy who said that lip readers from an Australian channel detected Symonds saying, "Good bowl, champ."

"However both players could have behaved better," Healy said.

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