Sunday, February 17, 2008


Chemical and chemistry have advanced so much in today's world that even we can make rain to fall artificially by adding chemicals.This company was found in 1971 and is an ISO certified company.They have been the world leaders in the manufacturing of fine chemicals.They have over 15000 chemical products and have been the harbingers in manufacturing of organic and inorganic chemicals monograph products and laboratory supplies of various types of products such as ACS, USP/NF, FCC, BP, EP and JP grades.The additional services which are offered here includes the pharmaceutical ingridients and pharmaceutical excipients.They also are involved in the manufacture of Biochemicals,cosmetic solvents and also nutraceuticals.They also carry out research of solvent and solution products like ethyl alcohol and various other products such as Silver nitrate.The quality is the watchword of this company and the quality of fine chemicals and other chemical acids are world class.This is why so many people prefer spectrum chemicals and this is a must visit website for everybody.

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