Monday, May 12, 2008

Classic Style

Well friends, How are you?. I am fine and I just hope that everybody are fine too. I am going to blog about something interesting and very new and is the one which is concerned about the Dockers contest. Dockers contest is nothing but a great idea where the participants have to submit a short video which has original content.One of the fashion icons and celebrity who has always impressed me is Demi Moore and she is as classic a fashion icon as you can ever get and also my style of fashion is to mix the old trends in fashion and blend it with the new emerging trends. There have been a lot of trends which have emerged in the fashion and it is a strong idea for me to mix the combination of classic and also modern style. Dockers contest is something which is innovative and a courageous concept and we can experiment it at our own idea. Dockers offer a contest for the classic style innovations and the winner of the contest will get to be displayed their video on the NBC. The number of participants has been growing by the day and it is certainly getting difficult to choose the winner as all the videos uploaded by the participants are innovative and also they are original as well. The thing you have to do is a TV spot of the function and type fashion trend or style you fancy. The video must be of 30 seconds and just upload it now by visiting this website and also spread about this contest to others.
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karab said...

Check out this Dockers commercial contest entry. It's hilarious!