Thursday, May 22, 2008

Slider Stroller

Well friends, recently my aunt bore a child and we needed to look for slider stroller. Then my friend James told me that the Mutsy stroller were the best in the business today and hence my aunt bought this one. I am going to blog about it now. Musty stroller is low weight and compact and this is an ideal for a mom and also it has good performance. It has a great sporty look which makes it different from all the other strollers and this is one of the reasons why we bought it. The entire upper part of the stroller is detached from the frame with either the seat or travel cot and hence the frame when folded is very small. The upper part consists of the seat or the travel cot and the lower part of this contains the wheels. The main advantage of this stroller is that the single button touch causes the stroller's frame becomes super compact and the size can be further reduced by removing the wheels with a single click. It is very innovative with large technical features as well and hence the guarantee is that all the moms will absolutely love it.

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