Monday, December 24, 2007


Dogs are needed to be protected while travelling and we take great pains to ensure that our beloved ones are not affected during travel.Hence we can keep the dog in dog boxes and this website caters to the list of dog boxes available.Buy AutoTruck Accesories has the dog box and it satisfies some purposes.There are four types of dog box available and each of them have their own characterestic.Owens hunter series dog box have a much lighter weight and they are made of rugged aluminium tread.The main advantage of this box is that it will not rust like wooden boxes are made of plastic corrugated material and they help to keep the dog comfortable according to the climactic conditions and its changes.Owens pro hunter dog boxes are made in such a way that they have lockable doors,paddle latches which are made of steel and storage compartments.Larger dog compartments have a ventilation system that will help to keep the dog comfortable and they have a door cover to protect the dog during stormy weather conditions.Owens K9 transport dog boxes are made of light weight diamond aluminium tread and they have almost the same features as the above mentioned dog boxes.Air flow is controlled by adjustable vents in rear and the extra-large lockable door has a removable cover for cold-weather protection.There is also Owens pro series dog boxes kit where you can customize the dog box according to your own needs.Stainless steel, flush mount slam latches are lockable to secure your animal.By using dog boxes we can ensure that the dog gets protection during travelling.

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