Saturday, January 19, 2008


One of the common items we consume everyday is wine.We wish that the wine we consume must be full of taste and of the highest quality.These criteria gets satisfied only if we purchase certain brands of wine and tastevine is one such high quality brand.Tastevine is one of the high quality wine producer and they offer 12 types of wines.

Red wine is a product which has been the product liked by musicians,playwrights and other eccentrics.They of late have been giving other brand of wine a run for their money and also they have been consumed now by youngsters because they are equivalent to beer in price and is healthy.Yellowtail Shiraz is quite simply delicious to most beginner's palates, and its no surprise that this style of wine won the title of 'fruit bomb' quite a while back.

Kendal Jackson's Chardonnay is to wine as Jack Daniels is to whisky.The name implies 'tried and tested, tough and reliable', and although one doesn't generally drink Kendall Jackson with Coke in pool halls, the comparison fits quite well. In true negociant fashion, the best quality grapes are sought from California's multiple and fecund regions, providing an excellent cross-sectional flavor profile comparable in quality to the Louis Jadot selection.

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