Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Making phone calls from one country to another is always an expensive task.Besides being expensive we get the line to make that call very rarely.These disadvantages can be overcome by making calls through the internet.iConnecthere has launched a latest plan called world plan unlimited.This Unlimited Calling Plan has many advantages and it cuts your phone bill by nearly 70 percent.By paying 29.99$ per month the customers can make unlimited calls to any destination.This is the leading website for making calls through the internet.There is also a basic plan for 6.99$ per month where you get charged for the calls you make only.All customers get 30$ bonus and so if you opt for either of the two plans the first month is actually free.Also if you enter there sweepstake you can win an IPOD.So if you are the one making many calls throughout the world and paying heavy telephone bill then you choose this website and cut nearly 70 percent of your bill.

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