Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The Net audio ads Pay per play is an audio channel website and it is backed by BIG 5 search engines.It is an 100% free opportunity website and it is a method to get paid weekly.The system of operation is the bid management system similar to google adwords and will pay the audio publishers similar to google Adsense.The main difference between the audio ads and Google is that the audio publishers will earn money on 100% of their traffic and no clicks are necessary here.Net Audio Ads is a way for the advertisers to publish their 5 second audio ads on this great website for audio ads.One can also target their 5 second audio ads to specific interests such as demographic and strategic locations where their products sells best.This one of the best audio ads website has been running nearly for three years with 66,000 advertisers and 43 million adstreams of advertiser ads on a monthly basis.Now they have got a lucrative affiliate program till Feb1 2008.After this date they will switch over to a Host only model.Any site that signs up here before 2008 can earn affiliate revenue even after that date of feb1 2008.Hence all of the advertisers wishing to publish ads may look up to this website for publishing their 5 second audio ads and increase their traffic by great amount besides earning cool money.

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