Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gascgoine in Hospital

Former England midfielder Paul Gascoigne is back in hospital following an incident at a luxury hotel in London.

Police were called to the four-star Millennium Hotel in Knightsbridge at around 3.15pm yesterday, after hotel staff were worried over his erratic behaviour.

According to a hotel source, who declined to be identified, Gascoigne was refused room service for alcohol. He then allegedly tried to drown himself in the bathroom.

The source said: "He (Gascoigne) rang down for a steak, but a few minutes later cancelled it, saying they should just bring him the steak knife.

"I said no way and immediately began to fear for his safety. Gazza kept trying to reassure everyone by saying he was speaking to his psychiatrist.

"The police went in and he was naked in the bath with the water a couple of inches from the top. The taps were still running. He told them if he couldn’t kill himself by slashing his wrists, he would drown himself.

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