Friday, January 4, 2008


With the new year being welcomed in an awesome way throughout India the country's largest broadband supplier BSNL have decided to launch new unlimited plans for the hungry broadband users.For everyone's surprise these are mainly unlimited plans .here is an view of the plans that may be declared!

Rs. 175 256Kbps with 1 GB download limit

Rs. 600 256Kbps unlimited

Rs. 900 512Kbps unlimited (Rs. 1100 with NightUtd 1MBPS option)

Rs. 1350 1Mbps unlimited (Rs. 1600 with NightUtd 2MBPS option)

Rs. 1800 2Mbps unlimited

Rs. 1500 8Mbps with 20GB limit

No 8mbit unlimited plans available atm!

Good news for all Indians!


Mercurous said...

are you sure this is true??

Young Buzzer said...

can you specify the source????

Goku said...

Haa.. its gud to dream my frnd .. Or may b u can change the headin to "BSNL PLANS FOR THE 2080" ...

Yatri.. said...

HEy...buddy....dont dream...
A blog is something in which anyone can write anything...
IF u r really dreaming abt these packages...wait till the BSNL officially announces them..!!!

Seby said...

Present BSNL plans are unreasonable. Their packages are not competitive with other service providers. They want the customer to use their unlimited night surfing between 2.00 AM to 8 AM.which seems to very ideal time for all.

They can even reduce tbe broadband speed to 64Kb and 128Kb and introduce unlimied plans for home use. These speeds are sufficient for normal use of internet at home.Levithan speeds are not necessary for large section of population, like students, housewives, retired persons etc. This way they can offer affordable broad band service to larger section of population.

All broadband service providers are increasing their broad band packages in terms of higher broadband speed trying to add to their revenue. They are mistaken if they can market their products this way. They need to introduce packages suiting individual customer need and affordability. Let higher brodband speed packages be opted by those who need it and are ready to pay for it.