Sunday, January 6, 2008


Jan Koller's next destination is the heated debate which is going on now.Jan Koller's agent has insisted the Monaco striker's proposed move to Nurnberg is not dead, despite disagreement between the two clubs over the price.

There is reportedly a two-and-a-half-year contract waiting for the 34-year-old at Nurnberg, though the club have been unimpressed with Monaco's valuation - believed to be in the region of two million euros.

Roy Hodgson, the new manager at Fulham, is reportedly interested in the giant Czech striker and may be spurred into action.

Nurnberg director of sport Martin Bader on Thursday insisted a decision must be reached by the weekend but, with that deadline looming, Koller's agent Pavel Paska insisted the deal was not dead.

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arjun said...

actually this was all mind game by australia
india have 11 players but australia had 14 players on feild including umpires and 3rd umpires.
i think aussies r no 1 just b'coz of cheating......