Tuesday, January 8, 2008

LUNARPAGES "LPQuicksite Plan"

Webhosting has become a new trend in this modern world where each and every individual wants to have a own webpage to record or notify his personal experiences and other interesting and important news.There are many enterprises which offer webhosting and Lunarpages is one of the best when it comes down to the webpage provider.Lunar web pages hosting was concieved in 2000 and it has come a long way indeed from its humble beginnings and now have launched a great plan in Jan 2008 known as LPQuick site Plan.Lunarpages Web Hosting launches your own site in under 2 hours and they provide free email and domain facility.All these matters can be done quickly with the help of a phone call.This offer is available until Jan 31 and they provide 30$ off for this scheme.Many templates are available to choose for Webhosting.This is one of the best web hosting service available on the net with different schemes for windows,linux,VPS etc.Another of their greatness is that they allow us to design the site based on our liking over the phone. They have dedicated persons who can change the template as we like it.They also offer free domains by conducting contests and they offer prizes in dollars.They provide nearly 1500 GB storage with a free domain name at 6.95$ per month.They maintain a dedicated server and they are an ideal option for bloggers as the contents can be uploaded to the server in no time at all.With this web hosting services, we can build our own web pages by posting good content and also knowing more about the world.This increases the traffic to our website and helps us to get the pagerank for our domain.This indirectly helps the LunarPages which has provided us the domain. There are also contracted web hosting services which run for a period of 12 or 24 months.So one thing is for sure if you need a web hosting in the near future just go to Lunarpages.com.

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