Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pimp your gnome

Hi friends, I was just browsing through the net casually until I stumbled upon this site which is related to the Bling Gnome. The advent of 3D games has always excited us and this is one such game which definitely has fascinated me. The Bling gnome is a character which picks up the gold which are dropped on to the ground or is actually left behind. My friend actually played this game Dungeon runners and he liked this very much. He later confessed to me that he cannot stop playing this game. The Bling gnome is a magical character that players can create and it turns their unwanted items by eating them and turning them into gold. I was just fascinated to here this because you can get many gold and also save time because we need not go to work at all! The creators of this game have also introduced a chance to buy 350 dollars best buy gift cards. All you need to do is to create a own gnome and dress it up with jewelry or you can transform yourself as a gnome and then sit in front of a shopping mall. I already feel excited because I am desperate to win this gift card. Just visit this site now and get an idea about it.
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bernard n. shull said...

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