Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Real Estate investing

I am now going to blog about the Real estate investing stories.One of the biggest controversies facing Nouveau Riche University today is the Nouveau Riche Scam. Many people would say that the university is a scam covering in the real estate courses and lessons they give their students. And this is because of high tuition fees that they charge to anyone who wants to learn real estate courses and lessons with them. Proponents of the Nouveau Riche Scam claims that although they may be the best university offering these kinds of things, it cannot be denied that its founders, or the board and other high ranking officials of the university, are only gaining money from the tuition fees collected from their students. The people behind the most popular school for real estate today says otherwise and proves that the Nouveau Riche Scam is a big bluff made by their competitors to get them out of their way. The tuition fees and plans that they offer, according to them, are fair and just and are compensated by the quality of education their students get from them. A breakdown of these fees and explanations where they go to are available on their site. Check it out and be the judge to whether the university is a scam or not.

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