Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I am now going to blog about the Clickbooth's Twitter Page. We all know about click booth. They are having a great network of publishers and advertisers. You can easily sign up in the click booth and enjoy the unlimited campaigns through out the year. This click booth is an affiliate program for publishers and serves as a great way to earn lot of money. They provide great opportunity for the advertisers to market their product all over the world through the smart publishers. Then coming to the core of the post, click booth has a twitter account. We all know about the twitter. It is very enjoyable part of my blogging life too. All the fellow twitters will place the twits daily and the small publishing will give us a lot more information about their blogging, life and lot more. Recently i came across the Clickbooth's Twitter Page when i hopped the twits. They are maintaining the twitter account regularly. You can see many updates regarding the click booth there in the twitter page. They also announce the new offers of click booth in their twitter page. They also follow some click booth users in the twitter personally and communicate with them about the latest offers of the click booth. Just visit this site now and get an idea about this site.

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redz said...

Great read, really enjoy reading about clickbooth, Their referral program also seems to be great.