Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hamilton cuts fast

A remarkable 10,000 fans were on hand to watch the final day of a three-day test programme at Silverstone as the teams attempted to put the finishing touches to preparations for the race.

Hamilton, who delighted his army of followers by setting the fastest time of the week with a lap of one minute 19.170seconds, said: "At lunchtime, there were so many people waiting outside my garage, it was insane!."

The McLaren driver added: "Driving into Silverstone this morning felt really cool,

"I couldn't believe how many fans were at the track so early in the morning. They're pretty special, the most dedicated F1 supporters in the world.

"At the start of the day I was really eager to get out on the track. This place is so super-fast, it feels amazing in an F1 car."

"At lunchtime, there were so many people waiting outside my garage, it was insane!

"Whilst I couldn't say hi to all of them, their support always gives me a special lift at this place."

With McLaren testing a number of new parts on the car, Hamilton was happy enough with his day's work which saw him complete 88 laps.

"Today's test was really encouraging," added Hamilton.

"The changes we've made in the last few tests have really improved the car which feels strong around here.

"I now can't wait to be racing in front of my home crowd again."

Hamilton will be back on track next Friday for practice in front of a sell-out 65,000 crowd, followed by further sell-outs of 85,000 on Saturday for qualifying, and then 90,000 on race day.

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