Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A good laugh

Hello guys, I was just browsing through the internet casually until I just stumbled upon this site which was concerned about the Readers digest which evoked some laughter in me. As they say in proverb 'laughter is the best medicine this site proves that laughter indeed is the best medicine. They have a huge collection of jokes and anecdotes and I really liked going through these jokes in the website. They also have some funny photos, humourous stand up comedy videos and hilarious cartoon galleries, funny photo contests and much more like this. I really liked a bar joke that a termite walking into a bar and asking the bar and asking whether the bar tender is there or not. It was amazing to see a very cute cat and not surprisingly it just walked away as the winner of the pet photo contest. The video I liked the most was a grand daughter playing with an cell phone and it was extremely cute and it tickled my funny bone. One thing which I could easily relate to upon visiting this site was that it helped me to relax when I just came after a day's work. Just visit this site now and get an idea about this site and also just tickle your funny bone.RD Laughs Main is a great site to visit.
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