Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NewYork IT consulting

I am now going to blog about the New York IT Consulting. With escalating fuel prices the world over causing a domino effect on all other goods and services, business is way more competitive now that it was a couple of years back. Therefore, companies which have yet to implement internet technology in their set up is losing out even more than they did previously.Some of my friends who run their own businesses have a phobia towards the advancement of technology. Of course, business people will always find it difficult to catch u with the speed that technology is progressing. That’s why a lot of businesses outsource the IT aspect of their set up to companies that specializes in IT outsourcing, support and services.Besides not having to worry about running the company ineffectively because of the lack of knowledge in the IT department, by outsourcing their IT technology, a company gets to reduce their capital outlay of setting up a new department and staffing it with IT personnel.I really should give the heads up to my friend, Paul, who runs an architecture-cum- construction firm in New York about the New York IT Services provided by iCorps Technologies and how he could implement technology into his company for a more competitive edge.Of course, iCorps Technologies will be more than able to answer whatever doubt he has. After all, the are professionals in the field and have a good record of providing IT consulting to many New York companies like his own.

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