Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kubica accepts Kimi stance

Kubica's maiden win in the last race in Canada propelled him into a four-point lead in the title race over Hamilton and Massa, with Raikkonen a further three points adrift.

The Pole was aided in Montreal by McLaren star Hamilton's crash into the back of Raikkonen's Ferrari in the pit lane at 30mph.

Both were forced to retire, with Kubica taking full advantage as he went on to take the chequered flag and in the process become a serious contender for the crown.

In his post-race summation, Raikkonen insisted Kubica's win was a blessing for him as he was happy neither Hamilton nor Massa had claimed the 10 points.

The obvious inference is that the reigning world champion sees the BMW Sauber driver as less of a threat than Massa or Hamilton.

Although Kubica feels far from under-estimated by Raikkonen, the 23-year-old said: "Realistically, looking at the situation of me and my team, I don't put me as a title contender.

"In the end, normally the fastest car and fastest driver wins the title, although in some seasons the most consistent driver wins.

"The only way we have been able to achieve this position for now, leading the championship, has been without making any mistakes.

"We have raced with very good strategy, good reliability. We have improved our car a lot in that direction.

"Reliability, for now, is a hundred percent perfect and the guys in the workshop have made a really big step forward in this area.

"Last year, in the end, we lost a lot of points by not finishing races.

"But in Kimi's case, I would worry more about Felipe and Lewis than myself."

Kubica appreciates the races in Monaco - where he finished second - and Canada were on circuits that can often throw up remarkable races and result

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